Ourican: The Leading Home Automation Company in Pune

When it comes to home, office, and hotel automation in Pune, Ourican stands out as the best in the industry. Leveraging KNX and MODBUS technologies, Ourican offers a comprehensive range of backend automation products. With a diverse product lineup and a strong network of system integrators across India, Ourican has established itself as a trusted name in the field. Let’s explore their impressive product range.

KNX-Based Product Range:
Ourican excels in KNX-based home, office & hotel automation products, offering an array of cutting-edge solutions. The product range includes the MES-CFC-4PRO (Ceiling Fan Controller – 4 Channels), MES-DO-16R (16-Channel Multi-function Actuator), MES-DO-8R (8-Channel Multi-function Actuator), EX-CFC-1 (Expansion 1-Channel Ceiling Fan Controller), MES-DICE23 (2-Channel Multi-Function Outputs, 3-Channel Universal Inputs), MES-DIM-4V (4-Channel Analog Dimmer), MES-DIM-2-P (2-Channel Phase-Cut Dimmer, 3-Channel Universal Inputs), MES-DICE-IR4 (4-Channel IR Interface for AC and AV), MES-DI-16 (16-Channel Digital Input), and MES-PSU-640 (KNX Bus Power Supply). With these innovative products, Ourican empowers users to achieve efficient and seamless automation in their spaces.

MODBUS-Compatible Offerings:
In addition to our KNX product range, Ourican also offers MODBUS-based automation solutions. Our offerings include the MOD-DO-16RS (16-Channel Multi-function Actuator), MOD-CFC-3PRO (3-Channel Ceiling Fan Controller), MOD-DIM-2-P (2-Channel Phase-Cut Dimmer), and MOD-DI-8 (8-Channel Digital Input Modbus RTU). With these MODBUS-compatible products, Ourican caters to a wider range of automation requirements, providing flexibility and versatility to their customers.

Extensive Service Network:
Ourican boasts an extensive network of system integrators (SIs) across India, playing a crucial role in delivering dependable and effective services to end customers across the country. With strategically located offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, as well as a well established System integrator network, with channel partners in major cities like Delhi, Gujarat, Hyderabad, and Kerala. Ourican has established a robust presence that allows for swift assistance and comprehensive support.

For top-notch home automation in Pune, look no further than Ourican. With our KNX and MODBUS technology-based products, comprehensive range, and nationwide service network, Ourican stands out as the best choice for transforming spaces into efficient and intelligent environments.