MES-DO-16R; An Efficient and Reliable KNX Actuator


Welcome to the future of home automation with the MES-DO-16R, a sophisticated KNX multi-function actuator by Ourican. Designed and developed at Messung’s cutting-edge R&D department and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, the MES-DO-16R promises to redefine convenience and control in smart homes.

Introduction to MES-DO-16R

The MES-DO-16R is a powerful multi-function actuator equipped with 16 relays, perfect for a wide range of control applications. Whether you’re automating lighting, managing shutters, controlling boilers, or operating fans, this actuator is designed to meet all your home automation needs.

Key Features

1) 16 Individual Outputs/8 Shutter Channels

The MES-DO-16R offers 16 individual outputs or configured as 8 shutter channels, making it incredibly versatile for various home automation scenarios.

2) Comprehensive Control

Handles various applications, including fan control with a 1-channel fan expansion module*.

3) Manual Output Operation

This actuator includes manual output operation with push buttons and LED status indicators, providing a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

4) 10 Scene Functionality

With the ability to support up to 10 scenes, the MES-DO-16R allows you to create customized settings for different moods and occasions, enhancing the ambiance of your home.

5) Multiple Phase Connections

You can connect different phases to different outputs, offering flexibility and ensuring efficient distribution of electrical loads.

6) Programming Button and LED Indication

Programming the MES-DO-16R is simple, thanks to the dedicated programming button and LED indications, which streamline setup and configuration.

7) DIN Rail Mount Assembly

The actuator is designed for easy installation with a DIN rail mount assembly, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your existing electrical infrastructure.

8) Robust Output Relay

Featuring relay-based control devices, the MES-DO-16R boasts an impressive output relay rating of 16A/250VAC, capable of handling substantial electrical loads.

9) High Inrush Current Capacity

With a maximum inrush current of 100A (Resistive Load), this actuator can manage high starting currents, providing reliable performance.

10) Compact Dimensions

Measuring 142.3 mm in length, 90.5 mm in height, and 62 mm in depth (8 DIN units), the MES-DO-16R is compact yet powerful, making it suitable for various installation environments.

Why Choose Ourican's MES-DO-16R?

  • Innovative Design: Engineered at Messung’s advanced R&D department, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.
  • Comprehensive Control: Handles a diverse range of applications from basic light control to complex shutter and fan operations.
  • User-Friendly: Easy manual operation and programming make it accessible for both professionals and homeowners.
    Durability and
  • Reliability: High inrush current capacity and robust relay design ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.


The MES-DO-16R KNX multi-function actuator by Ourican is a game-changer in home automation, combining versatility, ease of use, and robust performance. With its advanced features and reliable design, it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their smart home setup.

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