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Timeless and Future-proof Technology

Limitless Potential

Messung Ourican’s new front-end device, the MES-OKS-6K, offers 6 highquality, multi-functional push buttons. Available in the same 82X82 mm size as the MES-OKS-6D, the two front ends complement each other in offering a wide range of control solutions for home, office, and hotel automation installations.

The MES-OKS-6K is simple, sturdy, and made with utility in mind. The device can be programmed for lighting on/off, dimming, shutter control, ceiling fan control, or any other on/off, dimming application. It can also be programmed to control complex scenes, from a basic maid scene at home to a complete entryexit scene to control the whole KNX ecosystem with the press of one button.


  • • Size: 82X82 mm
  • • Single and pair button functionality
  • • Data saving on KNX Bus failure
  • • No external supply required
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