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Coming Soon in 2024

Timeless and Future-proof Technology

Limitless Potential

The MES-IP-SERVER is designed from the ground up to create a seamless APP interface. Offering complete control of the KNX ecosystem over phone or tablet.


The Ourican View app, works on the MES-IP-SERVER and offers seamless integration of the KNX ecosystem of a home, commercial space or even a Hotel room over the user’s phone or tablet. Easy to install with a wide array of icons available to programme 120 complex control functions and scenes as per the user’s convenience.

MES-IP-SERVER MES-IP-SERVER *Compatibility with Amazon Alexa & Google Home soon


  • • Interface for Ourican View (Messung Mobile App)
  • • Supports 120 controls in 15 pages
  • • Configuration of controls through ETS
  • • In-built icons
  • • IP configuration through ETS or get IP address through DHCP server
  • • Cloud connectivity
  • • Dimension: 71.3 (L) X 90.5 (H) X 62 (D) mm [4 DIN unit]
  • • 2 status LEDs
  • • Ethernet 10BaseT (10Mbps) with RJ45 socket
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