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Coming Soon in 2024

Timeless and Future-proof Technology

Limitless Potential

The MES-DIM-RGBW is ideal for providing optimal mood lighting solutions for homes, office spaces, commercial displays, or hotels. It offers complete control of RGB strips and lights, along with a 256-color palette for users to choose from. High-quality strips can also be dimmed to enhance the mood.


  • • 4 channels with constant voltage regulation
  • • Load current for each channel 5A
  • • Connection to 4 individual LED strips or combined RGBW strips or RGB+W
  • • Additional relay output (16A) to control LED power supply
  • • Intensity control for each channel
  • • Configurable scenes and sequences
  • • Manual push buttons to test the channels
  • • Total data saving on KNX bus failure
  • • Requires external power supply 12-36VDC along with KNX bus
  • • DIN rail mount
  • • Dimension: 71.3 (L) X 90.5 (H) X 62 (D) mm (4 DIN Units)
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