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Human-Centric and Adaptive
Lighting for Improved Work.

Transform your office space for visual comfort, daylighting benefits,
energy efficiency, and workplace ergonomics with automated shades.



In an office, lighting is vital as it ensures whether the employees are comfortable or not. Human-centric lighting is gaining importance with solutions like tunable lighting that offers 'cool' white light during the day time and 'warm' yellow lights during late evenings.

Some offices also incorporate an algorithm set around the lights, the climate, the curtains, and the sensors. During day time, the sensors near the windows detect the daylight and open the motorized curtains for that zone to allow natural light. On this, the lights should dim or turn off. Messung usually recommends office spaces incorporate DALI lighting for added functionality and ease of maintenance. With natural light comes natural heat and to offset this, the air conditioning temperature is decreased to further cool the environment.

As the late afternoon approaches, the heat is high, and it's not practical to still rely on natural light. The curtains close, the AC can increase to more ambient temperature, and the lights can turn on at maybe 50% brightness. During the evening, the lights can automatically brighten to their set maximum. The AC further increases to counter the cooler evening weather. The curtain status can be maintained manually as per requirement. This again is just one example of how an office can utilize smart office automation to create an intuitive setup that works with changing weathers, seasons, times, and the number of employees to create an environment that while comfortable, is never wasting any electricity. Savings can be as high as 30-35% if automation is incorporated properly.

  • Automate shades based on time, Sun’s position, and triggers from climate and light management systems.
  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction by creating an ideal atmosphere.
  • Save energy costs with smart shading management.
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