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Optimized Comfort

Have appropriate lighting, optimize energy, and enjoy the convenience.
With shutter control, you no longer need to draw or close the curtains manually.



Motorized shades aren’t that common in India yet, but they are very useful and practical. Essentially motorized curtains allow users to open or shut curtains automatically at the press of a button. While we offer the same functionality along with an option of mid-stop, the main benefit of curtain control is in synchronizing with the lighting and climate control of the home. A morning scene can allow your curtain to open at a timer or the press of a button.

A ‘maid’ scene can also open all the shades in the apartment, allowing for natural light to enter the home and help the maid clean the house without having to turn on any lights. This solution benefits areas of the home that incorporate weighted curtains, French windows, or multiple curtains in a living room that can now be simultaneously opened or closed.

  • Save energy with smart shading providing insulation and managing solar heat gain for warmth and vice-versa, also illuminating the room with natural light.
  • With automated shading, maintain the right temperature with shades opening and closing based on the time of day, room temperature, and preset scenes.
  • Protect your furniture, flooring, and yourself from the harmful UV rays by automating shades to open and close based on the sun's position.
  • Enhance the room's aesthetic with beautiful drapes and an elegant control device.
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