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Atmosphere begins with
efficient lighting.

Complement your mood or event with the perfect backdrop. Create the perfect
scene for movie night, reading, or family time.

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Never enter a room in the dark

For every home, every user, the very first thing that comes to mind when we use the word “electricity” is lights. The question we get asked a lot is, how are ‘we’ making lights smart? Our smart home automation solution begins with the functionality of lights for every nook of the home. The first recommendation for our customers is, “never enter a room in the dark.” Sensors are programmed at the entrance door, passageways, to every room and the lavatories ensuring that users are never fumbling about looking for the switch. Our sensors are programmed to suit the customer. Some may want it for a few seconds, while others may require sensors for 5 minutes and also linked to other elements of the room like maybe the exhaust fan in the lavatory.

What next? Lights are yellow or white and some of them dim with a regulator. While we offer a universal dimmer for most types of lights from incandescent to LEDs, we take dimming one step further. With our KNX lighting actuators, we offer complete programming freedom for lighting. Rather than switching off the lights completely on/off, how about we show a gradual decrease in luminosity and have the lights close gradually. This is also healthier for the fixtures used. Tunable lighting is recommended in the living room or the most used part of the house. White or cool light in the day time and pleasant warm yellow light during the late evening change the mood of the room, transforming it completely.

How about some mood lighting? We offer complete RGB color control for RGB LED strips with an easy to control interface allowing users to pick and choose the color that best sets the mood. You can even set it to cycle through all the colors gradually.

  • Smart home lighting system for hands-free lighting with intelligent sensors and voice control.
  • Mood lighting with complete RGB control allowing selection of the entire color palette over the touch panel.
  • Customize the lights with dimming effects, scenes, and more.
  • Automate lighting to turn on in the evening and when you enter the home.
  • Customize the controls and trigger multiple actions on one click—light control, shades, music, & more.
  • Simulate your presence when you’re away with sophisticated lighting systems.
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