Messung Ourican - Bringing KNX Manufacturing to the Indian Market

KNX was created as a robust wired BUS-based open platform, allowing different manufacturers to create controllers for various in-room controllers that were interoperable with one another in one programming language. Thus, allowing end clients to get unlimited automation integration, a one-stop programming system maintained by, which also ensures sound manufacturing practices are maintained across the board. This also allowed manufacturers to focus, develop solutions systematically, and perfect their products rather than rushing to meet demands that could be satisfied by another KNX product from another manufacturer. Today, with over 500 manufacturers and over 15,000 KNX products globally, KNX products offer solutions for a wide variety of applications. And with Messung Ourican, we are proud to be one of the first official KNX companies in India and the first Indian company to have KNX-certified products designed and manufactured completely indigenously at our factory in Pune, Maharashtra.

Messung, which started in 1981 in the factory automation industry, understands the imperative to bring good technological advancements with robust quality parameters and affordable prices to the Indian market. The Messung team has been working with KNX products since 2016 and gauging the interest and growth of KNX automation in the Indian market. Since 2020, we have started our R&D department dedicated to the design of KNX back-end and front-end solutions. Today, we have already launched 11 KNX products into the market, with many more under development. All products are manufactured in-house at our state-of-the art, ISO-certified facility in Pune.

But why did we choose KNX as the technology for home, office, and hotel automation?

Advantages of KNX:

Interoperability: KNX’s open standard enables devices from different manufacturers to communicate seamlessly, saving costs and allowing for an extensive range of compatible products.

Flexibility and Scalability: KNX system allows easy expansion of devices without rewiring or infrastructure changes.

Reliability: The decentralized framework ensures that even if one device fails, the rest of the system remains unaffected, ensuring continuous operation.

Easy Integration: KNX supports integration with other protocols, such as BACnet or Modbus, enabling interoperability with existing systems. This flexibility makes KNX an ideal choice for both new installations and retrofits.

The Versatile Applications of KNX Technology

Residential Buildings:

In contemporary homes, the concept of synchronized living has taken center stage. It entails the convenience of a single button press or voice command to effortlessly manage lighting, climate control, and shutters. Furthermore, this automation extends to optimizing household efficiency, such as simplifying tasks for domestic help with the touch of a button, or creating the perfect ambiance for hosting events through a “party” scene. All of these seamless experiences are made possible by integrating every aspect of the home within the KNX ecosystem.

Commercial Buildings: For commercial spaces where efficient and centralized control is mandatory for devices like lighting, HVAC systems, surveillance, and others, KNX is the preferred choice. Today, KNX is widely installed in the majority of commercial spaces owing to its benefits. The integration of DALI lighting systems and Lighting Management Systems (LMS) has become a prominent topic of discussion and implementation within commercial spaces, reflecting the growing significance of advanced lighting solutions in this sector.

Public Infrastructure:

KNX can be integrated into public infrastructure projects such as airports, hospitals, and stadiums. It enables centralized monitoring, control, and automation of various systems, ensuring efficient resource management and enhanced safety.

Hospitality Industry: KNX has become the predominant automation in most 5-star hotel chains across Europe and is a trend picking up momentum in the Indian market. Efficient fan coil control, sound lighting control, good ergonomic room controllers, and reception level connectivity to the KNX system, from room access to efficiency tracking, make a solution that benefits both the property and the guest.

How KNX is a Future-proof Technology?

KNX is ever-evolving and future-ready. Its interoperability and integration allow for a constant development cycle to keep up with updating technologies. KNX to RF, KNX to BACNET, and KNX to IP open the door for uncompromised installations. KNX enables data and IP-level protection of the system.

In the last 2 years, KNX integration with Alexa and the Google HOME kit has become stronger in the market. DALI 2.0 has now become the preferred lighting integration on KNX in India with tunable lighting being the main mandate for most homes. KNX has shown good flexibility and assimilation of the new technological trends and developments in the market.

What does Messung Ourican offer today on KNX to the Market?

The Ourican KNX range offers a wide array of controls and specific functionality.

Multi-function Actuator: Actuators with 16 and 8 channels, the MES-DO-16R and MES-DO-8R, are multi-function actuators for on/off control of lighting, shutter control, control of the geysers, etc. With the EX-CFC-1 module, you also get the option of using 4 relays to control 1 ceiling fan with proper 5-speed control.

Digital & Universal Input Module

MES-DI-16 offers digital input integration, allowing conventional switches to be taken onto the automation system and offering smart control.

The MES-DICE-23 is a small in-wall unit offering 2 outputs and 3 universal inputs, making it ideal for last-minute additions to an installation or wherever wiring may be a constraint.

KNX power supply

MES-PSU-640 is a 640-mA power supply on KNX.

Ceiling Fan Controller

MES CFC-4-PRO is a 4-channel ceiling fan controller offering 5 speed control and logic scene functionality to integrate ceiling fan control on the KNX system.

Lighting Control:MES-DIM-4VR and MES-DIM-2P are the lighting options for analog dimming and phase-cut dimming, respectively.

Room Controller:
MES-OKS-6D is a robust room controller offering 6 pages with up to 6 functions per page controlled by 6 multi-function push buttons. 32 functions are programmable, including dedicated climate control pages and dedicated tunable and mood lighting page options. A 2.4” colour display makes navigation through the pages intuitive with a vast icon library available.